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We now have a bulletin board to discuss all the topics on The Wandering Hermit.  Please stop by and ask questions about the tutorials, discuss some poetry (or even post your own poetry), or talk about a number of metaphysical topicslike Tarot, Astrology, Rebirthing, Past Lives, or Spiritual Growth.
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I've place some of my favorite poems in this section. I spend so much time focused on my writing and on tarot readings and other pressing work that poetry is an escape for me. In that way, it is an important growth tool. Unlike the latest best selling thriller, even mediocre poetry requires some essence of deep thought. Poetry is the one genre where the style is often more important than what we say. (Then again, that can honestly be said of political speeches, as well.)

I've included work by my five favorite poets: William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Robert Frost. If you've lost count, it's because I count both Shakespeare and Poe each as two of my favorite poets. I also have some other works by various other poets. I've found that when I'm down or low on energy, poems with a strong rythm or pattern make me feel good. I think that's one reason I've selected some of the works I have here.

I've broken down the categories by poet. It is not my place to disect the works I present here. I don't teach English any more. (Thank heaven! I do not miss grading freshman essays!) I have included a few lines about why I've included the poems I have here. Sometimes I put that at the beginning of the poem, and sometimes I put it at the end, so it won't spoil the effect.

One last thing: You may have noticed I try to include a lot of graphics throughout this site to make it interesting. In this section there are no graphics. I thought it was appropriate to let the words and poems speak for themselves. I might include the Dore illustrations of The Raven one day, since I think they're just fantastic, but I'm not sure of the copyright situation.

So here are some of my favorite poems. As the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation once said, "Share and enjoy!"