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Brand New At The Wandering Hermit!
We now have a bulletin board to discuss all the topics on The Wandering Hermit.  Please stop by and ask questions about the tutorials, discuss some poetry (or even post your own poetry), or talk about a number of metaphysical topicslike Tarot, Astrology, Rebirthing, Past Lives, or Spiritual Growth.
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As a child, Denvid spent much of his time in the wooded areas in his neighborhood. Sometimes he was with friends, but when he wasn't, his active imagination kept him from ever feeling like he was alone. His Fifth Grade teacher encouraged him to write down the stories in his imagination, so he started writing and has only stopped for brief periods of respite.

The three most significant effects of his childhood have been his love for writing, his active imagination, and his love of the woods and nature. Many of his ideas and much of his poetry comes from inspiration either from nature or while out enjoying nature.

Denvid went to a prep school, then to college, then returned to Richmond. He has worked as a Computer Technician, Market Survey Auditor, Shipping Clerk, Customer Service Phone Representative and has taught many subjects (like Algebra I & II, Geometry, English, Shakespeare, Physics, Chemistry, Social Studies, Health, Computer...) and at all grade levels from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. He has now left teaching school to devote more time to his own writing, the study of tarot, and to planning and giving workshops on how to use tarot to learn more about the Inner Self and about other people.

Denvid currently lives with his loveable furry mongrel in a house that is a five minute walk away from the river and a quiet forest.

Be sure to check out Denvid's poem, "I Wish I Could Be As the Geese" in Free Verse from the home page.