A Journal Almost in Verse
by Peter Denvid Wright

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A wisp of whimsical inspirition is always welcome.I keep my journal "almost in verse" (my own words). I uses a form of free verse because the rythm tends to fit my thought patterns. I began writing the first volume just after my separation and divorce. At the time I was not sure where I was going, but I just needed to write more than my stories and scripts. Later, I realized it was time to end that journal. The first volume, I could see, was the story of my search for independence. The second volume, the one I am still keeping, seems more a search for and understanding of interdependence.

I have decided to publish some sample poems from my journal on this page. The terms of this publication are that viewing these sonnets is under the condition of agreeing not to reprint or use them publicly. (Anyone wishing to use my work or print them must get permission from me at Denvid@TheWanderingHermit.com.)


I would like to read a sample of Denvid's book.
I agree not to use or print Denvid's work publicly.

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