Cycle: A Seeker's View of Tarot
by Peter Denvid Wright

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The Hermit, Card IX of the Major Arcana.  Drawn by Elizabeth ComerCycle: A Seeker's View of Tarot is a view of the symbolism and meaning of tarot from a unique perspective. This book is compsed of 101 Shakespearean sonnets about tarot and the tarot deck (78 sonnets on the cards 10 on the numbers and others on various parts of the deck or tarot in general). Tarot works because each person has a different interpertation of each card. When a meaning is written, it becomes fixed. By writing interpertations in verse, that leaves much more room open for individual views but still gives beginners a solid foundation. Sonnets are the word equivalent of the images.

I have recently added over 50 new sonnets to explain 7 different spreads. I am still revising the entire work and will be releasing an updated version when it is ready.

After much thought, I've decided to post some sample sonnets from my book on this web page. The terms of viewing or reading these sonnets is basically to respect my ownership of them -- in other words, by viewing them, you agree not to reprint or use them publicly. (Anyone wishing to use his sonnets or print them must get permission from me at


I would like to read a sample of Denvid's book.
I agree not to use or print Denvid's work publicly.

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