Cycle: A Seeker's View of Tarot
by Peter Denvid Wright

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The following two sonnets are from the Major Arcana section of Cycle.

Sonnet XIII: Card 9, The Hermit

The Hermit stands by himself with his light
As he searches tirelessly on his quest.
What he seeks will not be in plain sight
But is buried deep within his own breast.
The torch may keep him warm while on his hunt
But does not help him find what he will seek.
To find truth, he must his own soul confront
And, as well, his own self he must critique.
When he knows himself, the truth he will find;
For truth changes from me to you to all,
And what is truth only within my mind
Will, to you, be but a meaningless scrawl.
 The time has come to seek an inner light
 Which, with self-knowledge, will grow ever bright.

Sonnet XIX: Card 15, The Devil

There is no Devil, except in our soul.
In our minds we create a private hell
Which is nothing other than the black hole
Made from secrets we think too dark to tell.
The devil is ours to manipulate
And knowing that, we can leave his dark reign,
Looking to new growth we can celebrate—
And grow past the Devil's joy at our pain.
We each make and control our own devils
And, in turn, give them control of our soul.
We say they drag us to baser levels
Forgetting we tell them to play that role.
  The Devil is created in our mind,
  And we have the power to leave him behind.

Publication of these works on the Internet does not imply consent for them to be placed in the public domain. Both works are copyright 1996 by Peter Denvid Wright. Consent must be obtained by Denvid Wright to use any of this work for any public use.