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Brand New At The Wandering Hermit!
We now have a bulletin board to discuss all the topics on The Wandering Hermit.  Please stop by and ask questions about the tutorials, discuss some poetry (or even post your own poetry), or talk about a number of metaphysical topicslike Tarot, Astrology, Rebirthing, Past Lives, or Spiritual Growth.
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Denvid's muse.

I've been interested in many types of writing. I love writing poetry. I either write in free verse or in Elizabethan sonnets (the same style Shakespeare used for his sonnets). It's taken me a long time to like short stories, but now I'm working on a series of short stories. Mostly, though, I like screenplays. I am currently working with another writer in this area who is starting a small production company. I am working on a long range project called Cycles in Time, a novel based on tarot and my work with tarot. Cycles in Time is about four people, two from the past (from Atlantis and Lemuria), one from the present, and one from the future, who are brought together in the present. They are forced to work through the differences in four cultures so they can become a team and work together.

I am also developing a series of books for children titled No Strings Attached, about a child who receives a marionette that comes alive and can take him to any place or any time the child wishes. Eventually the marionette even takes the child to fictional places, like Oz.

There are samples of some of my free verse, and sonnets (as well as samples from my book, Cycle: A Seeker's View of Tarot) on this site.