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Brand New At The Wandering Hermit!
We now have a bulletin board to discuss all the topics on The Wandering Hermit.  Please stop by and ask questions about the tutorials, discuss some poetry (or even post your own poetry), or talk about a number of metaphysical topicslike Tarot, Astrology, Rebirthing, Past Lives, or Spiritual Growth.
Click here to go to the board.
(Warning: There are no links from the board back to the rest of thewebsite yet.)

You're probably thinking, "Who is Peter Denvid Wright and why does he have a web page?  Why do I care if he has a web page?"  Well, I am (as Gag Helfron said) "just this guy, you know?" I loves to write and to study and read tarot cards. There is a lot of free web space out there and I have a lot of people asking me for help in learning to read tarot cards or astrology charts. I also ask people what led me from one life into a more spiritual one. So I claimed my stake in the uncharted vastness of cyberspace so I could present some of what has influenced me and allow others to see it. The sonnets and poems, of course, are Denvid's, and for some pages he has writen some of the material.

I feel this was an opportunity to say, "Hi," to the world and to talk about tarot, astrology, poetry, spirituality and writing. I also thought I'd include some background on me and information on my work as a psychic reader. If you're a friend (or Friend!?), you're welcome to look around (just don't step on my dog's tail or take his favorite seat on the couch) and leave feedback if you want.

So browse around.  Leave feedback if you want.  See if you like any of the links and feel free to leave suggestions about what web page editors work well.  Right now this is done using Web Express.

Thanks for visiting!

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